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Groupdesk is software to simplify your Group Travel business by bringing all of the working parts online.

The Frontend is where travelers make bookings and manage their trips. Here the group organizer is given tools to manage their group. The Backend is where travel planners and suppliers can manage and control their product and sales. A seamless connection from traveler to group organizer to travel planner to supplier automates the flow reducing inefficiencies along the way.

Groupdesk Web

Our front-end suite puts the traveler experience first, while letting you take full control over the way your groups are marketed and managed. Mobile booking means you can capture bookings and payments instantly, anytime. The Traveler Profile was designed to help travelers easily service themselves, reducing your admin costs so you can focus on service quality over quantity.

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly applications
  • Custom booking page for each group
  • Traveler Profile
  • Post-booking upgrades and add-ons
  • Group management tools for organizers
  • White labeled domains & custom branding
  • Intuitive booking experience
  • Share travel documents & itineraries
  • Instant, secure online payments
  • Capture leads

Groupdesk Back-End

Managing group travel doesn’t need to be so complicated. The Groupdesk Backend gives you real-time insight into your groups and individual bookings, automates your repetitive business functions like payment processing, allows you to quickly updated and organize your records, and manage multiple brands all within a single account.

  • Real-time data & sales dashboard
  • Customizable payment plans
  • Inventory Management
  • Supports all accommodation types
  • Automated and customizable emails
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Automatic Payment processing
  • Rooming solutions
  • Dynamic tour pricing
  • Support multiple brands within a single account

About Us

Built by experts with years of specialized work in this field.

We embedded with client #1, the largest Student Travel company in North America, to get insight into their vertical. Today, that company uses the app for 7 brands and 40,000 bookings annually. The company provided $1M in seed money and is a paying client.

Simple and straight-forward pricing.

Group travel is a BIG part of your travel business. For a low monthly cost let us make that business easy to grow, simple to operate and more profitable.

Let’s Talk

With in-app chat support our development team stays connected to Groupdesk users and in-tune with your business needs. They are constantly working to make Groupdesk better by refining existing features and building new tools that will help your business grow.

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New: Direct Travelers to an External Insurance Provider
August 30, 2019

We have recently made some changes to the Traveler and Agent Interface to allow for External Insurance providers to offer travel insurance to Travelers.

Click here to learn more about using an External Insurance link.

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New: Incorrect Rooming Error Message
August 28, 2019

We have added a warning to the rooming process. When a user is attempting to room together an amount of travellers that does not match the selected occupancy, they will receive an error message to advise them to make changes.

Ex. When attempting to room 4 travellers with a triple occupancy type selected, they will receive a warning in the rooming module pop up.

Click here to see the error message.

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Improved: Traveler Auto-Charge Selection UI
August 28, 2019

We have made some changes to the Autocharge function on the OBE and MyProfile. Instead of being a toggle on/off button, the Autocharge is now a yes or no selection. Passengers must choose one of the options before they can proceed with the booking. They are able to edit their selection on the Trip Payments tab of their profile.

Click here to read more.

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New: Insurance Not Mandatory
August 21, 2019

Insurance Inventories are no longer mandatory in order to create and view a trip record. Previously, all trips must have had an insurance inventory in order for the trip to be viewed on the traveller interface or for passengers to make bookings on that trip. This has been updated so Trip records can be viewed on the traveller interface and passengers can make bookings on trips without insurance offered.

Click here to read more.

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New: GMV Dashboard
August 21, 2019

We have introduced a new dashboard to calculate Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). To access the dashboards page, please use the Navigation Menu on the top right corner of the home screen and select Dashboards. From there, select the GMV Dashboard You can search for GMV by the following fields: Trip Year, Trip Type, Program Period and Trip Code.

We have also introduced two new fields on the Trip record to accurately calculate the GMV.

The List Price and Total Available Traveler Spots fields can be found in the Overview Module of the Trip record.

List Price = The lowest selling price per traveller on the trip
Total Available Traveler Spots = Maximum number of bookings/spots available to sell on this trip

Click here for more info.

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New Pages: Support & About Groupdesk
August 14, 2019

We have recently added two pages to the side “Hamburger” Navigation bar within Groupdesk. These pages contain information regarding the support we provide and additional information about Groupdesk itself. To access this information, please click on the symbol in the top right corner of Groupdesk.

The new Support page contains helpful information on how to access Groupdesk support. It includes information on how to access our training documentation, start a live chat through Intercom, our support hours and how to make a feature request.

Additionally, the About Groupdesk page are links to our website to find out more information about the company. It also contains a link to our support page, how to refer Groupdesk and information on where to find our latest release notes.

Click here to read more.

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Improved: Expired Card Appearance in Agent Interface
August 7, 2019

Previously there were no visible differentiating factors between active and expired credit cards on booking records. We have updated this so that expired cards can be easily distinguished from active cards. Under the Finances module on booking records, expired credit cards will now appear greyed out.

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New: Descriptive Tooltips
August 7, 2019

We have begun adding descriptive tooltips to all elements of Groupdesk to increase ease of use, and provide further guidance to our users. We will continue to add tooltips, hints, and helpful content. To use tooltips, hover over the element you are using. We are adding more tooltips every week.

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New: Delete a Record
August 7, 2019

We are excited to release the ability for users to delete records! Before deleting a record, we provide a list of backwards relationships that must be cleaned up in order to delete the record that holds the relationships.

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Improved: Control T&C’s By Brand
August 2, 2019

Previously, the terms and conditions were hard wired for each environment of Groupdesk. This has now been changed and the terms and conditions associated with a brand record can now be edited and customized per brand.

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Improved: Easier to Add Brand and Catalog Record Copy
July 13, 2019

When building a catalog record, many recommended fields are now automatically displayed and editable within record overview module. This will make catalog building much easier and streamline the process. Catalog fields vary slightly by Record type. Gateway and Airline catalogs are not affected by these updates. Please refer to our Catalog Building training documentation for a detailed overview of all Catalog Record description fields.

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New: Traveler Payment Error Messages
June 12, 2019

Changes were made to the Traveller Interface under the Add a Method of Payment section of My Profile. When a transaction attempt fails, Groupdesk logs the reason for failure and displays the error message to the traveler.

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New: Require Payment in Full
May 31, 2019

For each Trip Record, you will have the option to Require Payment in Full for your bookings. You will still need to determine the Deposit Amount and Balance Date when choosing this as a payment option. But you will not have to set a payment plan. This will apply to every Booking Record that signs up on a Trip Record with the ‘Force Pay In Full` setting enabled.

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Improved: Gateway Appearance on Trip Page
June 20, 2019

Previously in Groupdesk, the Travel Details section of the trip page would always display an area for Gateway Information, regardless of whether there was a gateway necessary for the trip. This has now been updated, and trips without a Gateway or Transportation included will no longer display that information on the trip page.

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Improved: Travel Duration
May 1, 2019

We have updated our travel duration field to allow more robust calculations and accuracy for multi-day trips. Travel durations that include overnights also have improved UX.

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New: Trips with No Hotels
May 7, 2019

Groupdesk now allows trip records to be built with no mandatory hotel. This is great for day trips, bus-only trips, and non-traditional trips.

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Updated: Organizer & Payment User Experience
April 7, 2019

Updated the appearance of long Organizer lists. Updated the appearance of payment methods to clarify the payment relationship to the traveler booking on a particular trip.

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New: External Payment Processor
March 7, 2019

Upgraded behavior for External Payment Processor integrations.

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Press Release: Janice Sousa named Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Groupdesk
June 4, 2019

Seasoned travel industry growth expert to lead Toronto based startup into expansion phase.

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New: Configurable Booking Steps
March 11, 2019

Choose how you want to sell. Our new configurable online booking engine allows you to create the perfect booking flow for your clients.

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Updated: Knowledge Base
February 28, 2019

Our knowledge base has reached the next level! We have created step-by-step documentation of groupdesk tasks and processes.

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New: Voucherify Integration
February 23, 2019

This exciting integration allows you to directly link your Groupdesk Trips, Contacts, and Inventory with customized vouchers.

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New: Simplified On-Boarding Process
February 3, 2019

Streamlined on-boarding process to get you on Groupdesk as fast as possible.

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New: Improved Email Shortcode and Customization
January 11, 2019

Save time by using our improved email shortcodes in your Mail Chimp templates. Pull trip, booking, contact, and brand information easily and error-free. 

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Stripe Payment Integration
December 5, 2018

We’ve added Stripe Payment integration to Groupdesk. With Braintree Payments already available, we’ve added Stripe to give you more choice in how you get paid.

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Groupdesk allows us to sell 1,800 travelers in under one hour for our event. Travelers and organizers do most of the work themselves in their user accounts which keeps admin simple for us.

Norm Demelo
Dayton to Daytona

We have a team of 30 that is traveling all the time. Groupdesk let’s me know the pulse of my team and how sales are going before they happen.

Eric Robertson
Breakaway Tours

We have a small team that needs to be involved in everything from sales to admin to executing trips. Without Groupdesk we would need twice as many staff on the team to do the same job.

Jenny Kim
Campus Vacations

We have decades of combined experience in Group Travel and building software.

Our team has two passions that drive everything we do at Groupdesk; people getting together to see this amazing planet & building software that enhances that experience.

Interested in joining the Groupdesk team? view our careers page.

Alex Handa Founder 20 Years experience as an Entrepreneur in Group Travel with several successfully founded travel businesses.

Janice Sousa CEO Janice is an experienced, results driven sales and operations leader with decades of experience across travel, CPG and tech.

Aaron Jarecki CTO Leading the Groupdesk software development team with ten years experience at companies like Pivotal Labs and Xtreme Labs.

Naji Obeid Software Developer With a doctorate in Computer Science and nearly 10 years experience in software development, Naji specializes in new feature analysis and back-end development.
Stephanie Gee Support & Communications Managing support and communications for our active users with an impeccable response time and a sharp focus on issue resolution and QA.
Amy Killoran Head of Product Focused on improving Groupdesk experiences from every lens. Believes strongly in iterative design and lean processes. 10+ years in design. 6 years in travel.

Colleen Darling User Support Travel industry expert with a strong client relations background. Passionate about improving the client experience at every step using meticulous attention to detail and creative problem solving. 
Zhehui (Joe) Zhou Software Developer Backend developer that cares about software speed, memory usage, and scalability. Loves technology, food, and of course travel.
Isabela Ozamiz Lead Front-End Developer Frontend developer with a passion for bringing ideas to life on the web. Enthusiastic about providing a clean user interface that offers thoughtful user interactions for all Groupdesk clients.
Roma Sojitra Implementation Specialist Detail-oriented with a passion for travel, Roma brings a deep knowledge of travel and customer service to every stage of our client relationships.

Philippe Montero Backend Developer Backend Developer with a passion for Computer Science and a love of innovation. Philippe is always looking to provide new ideas to optimize the client experience.

Adewale Afolabi Backend Developer Backend Developer with interest in lightweight and scalable systems. Jazz and food enthusiast.

Arzu Yildiz Frontend Developer Energetic and open-minded Frontend Developer bringing a fresh perspective to the user experience. Interested in the IoT side of technology and loves cooking new types food.

Owen Brake Engineering Summer Student Engineering Summer Student with a passion for Frontend and Backend Web Development. Interested in robotics and electromechanical systems.

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