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Groupdesk - Group Travel Software


Groupdesk is software to simplify your Group Travel business by bringing all of the working parts online.

The Frontend is where travelers make bookings and manage their trips. Here the group organizer is given tools to manage their group. The Backend is where travel planners and suppliers can manage and control their product and sales. A seamless connection from traveler to group organizer to travel planner to supplier automates the flow reducing inefficiencies along the way.

Groupdesk Web

Our front-end suite puts the traveler experience first, while letting you take full control over the way your groups are marketed and managed. Mobile booking means you can capture bookings and payments instantly, anytime. The Traveler Profile was designed to help travelers easily service themselves, reducing your admin costs so you can focus on service quality over quantity.

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly applications
  • Custom booking page for each group
  • Traveler Profile
  • Post-booking upgrades and add-ons
  • Group management tools for organizers
  • White labeled domains & custom branding
  • Intuitive booking experience
  • Share travel documents & itineraries
  • Instant, secure online payments
  • Capture leads

Groupdesk Back-End

Managing group travel doesn’t need to be so complicated. The Groupdesk Backend gives you real-time insight into your groups and individual bookings, automates your repetitive business functions like payment processing, allows you to quickly updated and organize your records, and manage multiple brands all within a single account.

  • Real-time data & sales dashboard
  • Customizable payment plans
  • Inventory Management
  • Supports all accommodation types
  • Automated and customizable emails
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Automatic Payment processing
  • Rooming solutions
  • Dynamic tour pricing
  • Support multiple brands within a single account

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