Improved group list functionality for Organizers

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Posted by enlightenmental
7 years ago | November 21, 2017

Organizers now can do more with their Toolkit

Additional functionality added to the Toolkit to help organizers better manage their leads, and work as a group.


Assigning leads to group leaders

In cases where there are multiple organizers working together to plan a trip, having the ability to assign a single organizer to each lead will allow the teams to clearly divide their work and share the responsibilities.

To assign a lead to an organizer from the Toolkit, simply create a new lead or edit an existing one. Then, in the edit form select an organizer from the drop-down in the ‘Owner’ field and save.

The assigned owner will now display next to the lead’s name in the leads list in their Toolkit. Organizers can sort the list by ‘Owner’ to easily find all the leads assigned to them. As organizers share access to their trip’s lead list, any organizer can edit the assigned owner of a lead, regardless of who entered it or who the current owner is. Each lead can only have one organizer assigned as owner at any time, but there is no limit to how often organizers reassign leads within their group.


Lead notes

Organizers can now add notes for each lead. They can update the notes regularly to track their communication, important details, instructions etc.. As organizers share access to their trip’s lead list, each organizer will be able to see and edit notes for every lead on the trip.

Notes and Owners are only displayed in the Toolkit and are not visible by staff users from within the karma application. To view notes and owners you can impersonate an organizer to view the Toolkit from their profile view. Additionally, these notes and owners are not visible to travelers or leads who are not group organizers. This means organizers can use these fields freely to assign responsibility and communicate with each other within their Toolkit.