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Press Release: Janice Sousa named Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Groupdesk
June 4, 2019

Press Release: Janice Sousa named Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Groupdesk

New: Trips with No Hotels
May 7, 2019

Groupdesk now allows trip records to be built with no mandatory hotel. This is great for day trips, bus-only trips, and non-traditional trips.

Improved: Travel Duration
May 1, 2019

We have updated our travel duration field to allow more robust calculations and accuracy for multi-day trips. Travel durations that include overnights also have improved UX.

Updated: Organizer & Payment User Experience
April 7, 2019

Updated the appearance of long Organizer lists. Updated the appearance of payment methods to clarify the payment relationship to the traveler booking on a particular trip.

New: Configurable Booking Steps
March 11, 2019

Choose how you want to sell. Our new configurable online booking engine allows you to create the perfect booking flow for your clients.

New: External Payment Processor
March 7, 2019

Upgraded behavior for External Payment Processor integrations.

Updated: Knowledge Base
February 28, 2019

Our knowledge base has reached the next level! We have created step-by-step documentation of groupdesk tasks and processes. Our knowledge base covers everything from users and terminology to rooming and…

New: Voucherify Integration
February 23, 2019

We have expanded Groupdesk’s internal functionality which already includes Trip Dollars (Credit) Discounts and Fees (Price Adjustments), Organizer Discounts (Individual Discounts), Payment Schedules (Updating Booking Payments) to include Voucherify Bulk…

New: Simplified On-Boarding Process
February 3, 2019

Streamlined on-boarding process to get you on Groupdesk as fast as possible. We want to discover how you run your business, how we can customize our product just for you,…

New: Improved Email Shortcode and Customization
January 11, 2019

Save time by using our improved email shortcodes in your Mail Chimp templates. Pull trip, booking, contact, and brand information easily and error-free. 

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