New Sales Dashboard

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Posted by enlightenmental
7 years ago | December 8, 2017

It’s a big change that allows you to view stats at higher levels or more targeted results.

Let’s take a look at the changes

More Filters

  • The chart design and components are set, but the stats that they show will change to match the filter you choose.
  • The only required field to load a dashboard is Trip Year
  • Use 1-4 filters with any combination to get different results.
    • Different combinations may be valuable to different user groups. For example, as a Sales Associate I may want to see my total sales for an entire year, or just my current campaign. As a Sales Leader I may want to see total sales for all sales for a single year and brand to help make projections for next year.
    • Some filter will change the way data is displayed in the charts. (see ‘Campaigns’ section below)
  • Load speed for the dashboard will depend on how big your search results are. More filters mean a smaller result set which means a faster load time. For example, searching for all 2019 bookings is a large data set and will take a minute to load. Searching using all four filters will be a small set and will load in a few seconds.

More Charts

We’ve added more charts… 4 more to be exact and made improvements to the original two.

Bookings Summary

  • See stats for total bookings, traveling bookings, deposits paid.
  • Flip between two different view
  • Drill into unpaid bookings see specifically which bookings are unpaid*

*Note: this feature only works when the number of bookings are small

Bookings by Trip Type

  • Most relevant when viewing stats by trip year, with no other filter
  • If TPs sold multiple trip types (ex SnowJam & Spring break, or Montreal March Break and Breakaway) this chart may be helpful.

Bookings and Leads by Date

  • Same chart as before, with a new look and new view
  • View new leads & bookings created each day/month and your total leads & bookings
  • Daily view is helpful when using Campaign as a filter to see your progress.
  • As with all the charts, hover over a point on the graph to show exact numbers.


  •  Same chart as before, with the option to view charts at a higher level, by campaign
  •  Campaign view only shows top 10, Trip view shows all Trips in that Campaign

*Display sometimes falters in the Trip view if there are too many trips. Please report any issues you see through intercom


  • Total  # of trips by Trip Type
  • Summary of total Contacts, Leads, Bookings and Organizers for entire results sets
  • Chart will be most useful when Year is the only filter

Sales Associates

  • Sales just got a Leaderboard!
  • Toggle between views to see the Top 5 Sales Associates or all Associates  in your organization
    • Use different combinations of filters to see how you stack up across all brands, or just one.
  • Order is set by Total Bookings *
    *Total bookings that match the selected filters