Automatic Booking Status Updates

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Posted by enlightenmental
6 years ago | March 5, 2018

Groupdesk already lets you create custom payment schedules for each group, automatically sends payment reminders and transaction confirmations as well as supports automatic billing. Being able to schedule more frequent payments not only reduces your financial risk by getting paid more often, but they can also help you stay in contact with your individual travelers so there are no sudden drops after your attrition deadlines.

Let us help you cut your admin costs, and more easily monitor growth and attrition with automatic booking status updates.

Groupdesk will update booking statuses after every missed or late payment automatically. This way you’ll always know who is in good standing, who needs your attention and what your true inventory counts really are. Want more control over sensitive groups? No problem! Automatic Booking Status Updates are set for each group, so you get to choose who is updated automatically and who requires personal attention.