Activities #

There is an activities module on the bottom of all contact and booking records. This module contains information about what has happened on that record.
Example of a Booking Record Activities Module. This example shows 3 emails that have been sent out to this booking.

With the exception of Trip Dollars and Transactions; all cases, calls, meetings, notes, and tasks are only visible on the Agent Interface, which means only your Groupdesk users can see these.

Cases #

Cases are used as a way to track a request (Cancellation / Refund / Trip Switch) from a passenger. They can be assigned to team leads for approval and acceptance.

Call #

Calls are used to make notes on calls that passengers make.

Emails #

Emails tack any outbound emails sent from Groupdesk. It will be added to the record that the email was sent from.

Meetings #

Meetings are used track any student/parent/trip meetings.

Notes #

Notes are used as a way to write down any internal notes you want on the record. Use notes to keep track of information staff might find useful in the future or if the client follows up a case.

Tasks #

Tasks are used to track any requests that need follow up. They can be assigned to you, a lead, or another person in a different departments depending on what needs to be accomplished.

Trip Dollar Cases #

Trip Dollar Cases are used to track any Trip dollars (credit) given to passenger.

  • A case will need to be created for the original credit given, and updated once a new booking is redeeming the credit.