Delete records

Delete a Record #

Only Administrators can Delete records.

 How to Delete a Record via the Record Overview #

  1. Open the Record you want to delete

  2. Click Edit in the Overview Module

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the open Module

  4. Click Delete to be brought to the delete page for that record

  5. Continue to Step 5 of How to Delete a Record via the Delete Page (below)

Example of where to find the `Delete` button via the Trip Record Overview

How to Delete a Record via the Delete Page #

  1. Open the side navigation by clicking on the hamburger navigation (the three horizontal lines on the top right of every page)

  2. Click Delete on the side navigation

  3. Paste the Record ID

  4. Select the Record Type

  5. Either:

    1. Click Delete This Record Forever OR

    2. Remove the backwards relationships to your records by opening and removing the record, deleting the record, or changing the record to remove the relationship to the record you would like to delete.

Example of a record with no backwards relationships that can be deleted
Example of a record with backwards relationships that need to be removed before it can be deleted.

What Types of records can I delete? #

You are able to delete these record types:

You are NOT able to delete these record types:

Can I recover a deleted record? #

In most cases, it is possible to recover a deleted record.

  1. Open a new chat conversation with Groupdesk Staff

  2. Make a request to recover the record, and include the deleted Record’s ID and/or URL

  3. If you do not have the Record ID and/or URL, please include the Record name and any other information you have about the record.

We will try our best to restore the record as soon as possible, however, recovering a deleted Record may take up to 10 business days, if we are able to recover to record at all.

While in most cases we are able to recover the record itself, we are NOT able to reinstate the relationships that were removed/changed when the record was deleted.

What happens to deleted records? #

A deleted record can still be accessed if the ID is known. You are not able to make any changes to the record, but you can still view it.