Trip Dollars & Refunds

Trip Dollars & Refunds #

Trip Dollars and Refunds may have different processes for your business. Please consult with your team lead before attempting to use Trip Dollars or executing a refund.

Trip Dollars #

What are Trip Dollars? #

Trip Dollars are like ‘store credit’. If you are unable to give a refund to a customer, Trip Dollars give you the option of exchanging an amount in credit for future bookings.

Where are Trip Dollars stored? #

When Trip Dollars are issued to a traveler, a Trip Dollars Case is created on the booking who is receiving the credit.

How do I Add Trip Dollars to a Booking? #

  1. Open the booking record

  2. Scroll to the Activities module

  3. Click Add

  4. In the Edit Activity pop up, fill out

    1. Subject

    2. Attach any relevant documents (optional)

    3. Choose Activity Type = Trip dollar case

    4. Add Trip Dollar Amount Outstanding

      1. How much credit do they have

    5. Add Trip Dollar Currency (optional)

    6. Add Trip Type Cancelled

    7. Add Booking Earned

      1. Add the travelers old Booking Code

    8. Add Trip Year Earned


How do I redeem Trip Dollars? #

When a passenger is redeeming Trip Dollars, you will:

  1. Open the old Booking Record

  2. Open the original Trip Dollar case

  3. Update the original case with the amount the new booking is redeeming:

    1. Add Update Trip Dollar Amount Redeemed

      1. How much credit are they using

    2. Add Trip Type Redeemed (Optional)

    3. Add Booking Redeemed

      1. Add the travelers new Booking Code

    4. Add Trip Year Redeemed

  4. Open the new booking record

  5. Apply a Discount to the new booking’s pricing in order to reflect the amount of credit

How do Trip Dollars affect financial reporting? #

As Trip Dollars are applied as a Discount, they will appear on the Booking’s export under the booking discount column.

Refunds #

How do I give a full refund? #

Refunds are issued on the booking record by selecting the single payment you want to refund.

Once the single transaction is selected, a Refund button will appear in the header of the Payments module.

Click Refund, and fill in the applicable information

  • Refund Reason: Choose one of the options

  • Transaction Date: will usually be listed as “Today”

  • Status: should be Pending and will updated if the refund is processed successfully or not (unless refunding cash or cheque payments)

    • If refunding cash or cheque payments, set status to Cleared once the cheque has been issued and confirmed

    • By setting the status of the refund to Cleared Groupdesk will not communicate with the payment processor to process the transaction.

  • Type: Refund

    • This will default to Refund or Extra Refund depending on the transaction selected.

  • Form of Payment: This will default to whatever form the transaction was originally. This should match the original form.

  • Amount: This will default to the full (negative) amount, see below to issue a partial amount.

You have to issue a refund for every transaction, you cannot issue one lump sum

How do I give a partial refund?

Follow the same steps as above for Full Refunds, but when entering the amount, update the amount to be less than the full (negative) amount.

How do I assign a refund to another user? #

In the case requesting the refund there is an Assigned To field. Here is where you assign the person who needs to look at the case next, or who is responsible for issuing the refund (based your business processes).

  1. Open the booking record with the refund case

  2. Scroll to the Transaction module