Special Rep Case

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Special Rep Case #

This only applies to certain clients who are trying to give partial or full Rep discounts after a migration.

Do not follow this process if you are unsure of what it’s referring to. (AM Team)

This must be done AFTER the conversion has completed (migration to Groupdesk) and BEFORE you give the Rep the link to reset their password.

Part A:

  1. Open the contact record of the Organizer you want to give the discount to

  2. Change the contact email to an email alias of yours (this is temporary so they are not sent emails while you are doing these changes)

    1. An alias will look like this: sally+rep@company.com, or sally+123@company.com

    Do NOT use your exact Groupdesk login email. This will break your Agent Interface login.

(This means you will get some emails from us while you complete this process but you can just delete them)

Step B:

  1. Create a new Booking (for this Rep) by clicking the + button and selecting Booking

    1. Status: Active

    2. Paste in the name of the trip (from Central XYZ doc)

    3. Select a Contact: Type the Organizers Name (if there are multiple Organizer with the same name, double check the contact via the email in the contact record)

  2. Now you will fill out all of the details for the booking

    1. Check all the boxes for all of the Mandatory inventory on the trip, including segment and unit EXCEPT FOR HOTEL

    2. When you are at the hotel inventory you are ONLY going to check the segment, and the UNIT for max occupancy (likely 4 or 6)

  3. Click create

Step C:

  1. The new booking record will open

  2. You are now going to apply the appropriate discount

    1. In the Pricing Module, in the discount and fees section click ‘edit’

      1. Category: Discount

      2. Description: Organizer Discount

      3. Type: Amount

      4. Amount: Add in the actual dollar amount of the discount and make sure to note if there is already and EBB applied to the pricing of the Organizer’s trip

      5. Click Save

  3. Update the Booking Status

    1. In the Overview panel, click `Edit

      1. Change the status to Active (if you forgot to do this the Rep will get an email saying they have to pay money : ( . )

      2. Click Update

  4. In the Booking Overview Panel, click on the Contact Record

  5. The Contact Record will open

    1. In the Overview Panel, click Edit

    2. Change the email back to the Rep’s email

    3. Click Update

  6. Refresh your page to make sure the change went through

  7. Make the row in the Rep doc green so that your team knows this Rep is complete and ready to create a password. : )

  8. If you had an issue with the booking. Highlight the row in Orange and tag someone to help you.

Here is a video of this process!