Emails #

How to Create a Groupdesk Email Template #

Templates and emails are created in MailChimp and published to your email environment (likely Mandrill). If you need an email created you may need to ask your company’s Communication or Marketing Team. Your company might also have a different process than the basic steps listed below.

  1. Create your email in Mailchimp

    1. Make sure to include a section with the Email Short Code |custom_text_area| So your users have a place to add additional info, if needed.

    2. Make sure to rename your email in Mailchimp

  2. Push the finalized email to Mandrill on the templates:

    1. On the Templates Page

    2. On the row of the email you want to push to Mandrill, click the ‘down arrow’ next to edit

    3. Click Send to Mandrill

  3. Open Mandrill (using same Mailchimp login)

  4. Click Outbound

  5. Click Templates

  6. Search and find the new email you just created

  7. Click edit

  8. Confirm:

    1. The email Name and Template Slug

    2. Add in a Template Label

      1. We recommend:

        1. transactional

        2. promotional

        3. travel_details

    3. The Subject

  9. When you’re happy with your email details click Publish

  10. Refresh Groupdesk and your template will be available to send

    • New templates may take up to 10 minutes to appear in Groupdesk

    • Updates to existing templates should appear in Groupdesk in under a minute

How to Send an Email from Groupdesk #

Emails can be sent from anyplace that Bookings or Contacts are displayed in Groupdesk (this includes the Search view, and any Bookings / Contacts panel on another record type).

To send an email:
  1. Select Bookings / Contacts applicable (via a Trip, Campaign, or Custom Search)

  2. In the top of the search results page, Click Email (This will only be visible once the appropriate records are selected)

  3. Required Fields

    • Select Brand

    • Choose what email to send the email from:

      • Your Email (Email associated with your Staff user)

      • Brand Email (Email associated to the Brand selected)

      • Override (Custom email that you enter)

    • Select Template

  4. Optional Fields

    1. Subject – You can change this now, if needed. Email short codes will work in the subject line.

    2. Custom Message – This can be anything you want it to be (Template must have |custom_text_area| short code within the template in order for your custom message to show in the final email)

    3. Attach Document – This does not have to be a Document within Groupdesk (ie: a Contract you want the passengers to sign)

    4. Check the Duplicate email to guardians box If you wish to the email to the Parent Contacts of that traveler contact as well

  5. Click Send Email (appears once all the mandatory fields are completed)

Example of the `Send Email` popup before fields are populated

What emails are sent automatically? #

Read more about automated email triggers.