SWAP (Don’t Change Price)

Swap (Don’t Change Price) #

Update mass travel details without affecting the associated pricing.

Swap allows you to update segment details WITHOUT affecting the pricing that exists on booking records. Trip Switch is a similar process, but DOES update the pricing on booking records.

ie. Itinerary release, this feature is best practiced swapping generic inventory for inventory with complete travel details.

Best Practise: When completing a Swap Request on a Trip Record, complete your work ONE page at a time.

Process: #

  1. On a Trip record, select the Bookings and Inventory(s) that you want to update.

  2. In the Booking Panel, Click Swap

  3. In the Swap window, enter your Target* (desired) inventory.

    1. Depending on the type of inventory selected, you may have to go through multiple steps to complete the process (please see example photos below)

  4. Once the Target is selected, review your segments to make sure you are updating the correct information.

    1. If you are updating hotel segments, you will need to Map your rooms.

    2. If you are updating flights or transportation, you only have to review the new segment details to make sure they are correct.

  5. Click Next to review applicable segments (if necessary)

  6. Click Add to add additional inventory segments (if necessary)

  7. Click Summary to review all segment changes

  8. Once all segment type(s) are reviewed, then click Save

  9. To review success and completion of the process, you can:

    1. Refresh your page and select bookings to ensure they are no longer attached to the original inventory

    2. Review Bulk jobs

Here are some example scenarios:

Scenario 1 (Hotel only)

Pictures & Video coming soon.

Target* inventory is the new detailed inventory that you want the segments to be updated to.


  • You cannot swap inventories with mixed mandatory statuses.

  • Red asterisk appears next to the occupancies that apply to the bookings affected by the swap

When completing the swap process you must exchange segment for segment (ie a flight for a flight, or hotel for a hotel).

If swapping from an ITC inventory, you can swap to a different hotel and flight (or transportation) inventory.

Always refresh your page after completing a swap and double check your changes.

To Confirm your swap worked: #

In the Inventory module

Check the On Bookings box

Swap is a Bulk Process (Groupdesk is processing your requests behind the scenes as fast as possible). If you refresh and your changes have not gone through, you should check bulk actions (if you have access) to see the status of your bulk request (swap).