Trip Records FAQ

Trip Records FAQ #

Frequently asked questions regarding process and information found on Trip Records.

Do I need to create a different trip for this group? #

  1. If you are selling the same trip from different brands – YES (ie: An educational Montreal trip from “TripVille”, and from “EduBusTours”)

  2. If your group has different gateways (that affect pricing) – YES (ie: Gettysburg trip with travelers from Baltimore and Philadelphia)

  3. If your group has different durations – YES (ie: Spring Break trip with option for 5 night and 7 night)

  4. If your group has different hotels – YES (ie: Ski Trip with a luxury hotel and shared chalets)

  5. If your group has different trip planners (that need commissions split by Groupdesk) – YES (ie: A University trip where the fraternities are sold by Paul, and the sororities are sold by Jenny. In this case you would build 1 trip for each Trip Planner (Sales Staff)).

  6. If your pricing will increase for the trip X days after it opens – NO (ie: Your Gettysburg trip goes up $100 in price if you don’t book in March. In this case you would either remove a $100 early booking discount from the trip, or increase the total package price in the Payment module of the trip and push that new pricing to all new bookings).

If multiple cases above apply, you will need to split your trips further.

ie: “TripVille” brand is selling a Gettysburg trip with travelers from Baltimore and Philadelphia that has 5 night and 7 night, and the option of luxury hotel or chalet, and you have 2 Trip Planners (Sales Staff) selling to both of these groups. You will build 16 trips for this complex group.

Trip 1: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-BWI-5n-LuxHotel

Trip 2: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-BWI-5n-LuxHotel

Trip 3: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-BWI-5n-Chalet

Trip 4: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-BWI-5n-Chalet

Trip 5: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-BWI-7n-LuxHotel

Trip 6: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-BWI-7n-LuxHotel

Trip 7: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-BWI-7n-Chalet

Trip 8: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-BWI-7n-Chalet

Trip 9: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-PHL-5n-LuxHotel

Trip 10: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-PHL-5n-LuxHotel

Trip 11: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-PHL-5n-Chalet

Trip 12: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-PHL-5n-Chalet

Trip 13: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-PHL-7n-LuxHotel

Trip 14: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-PHL-7n-LuxHotel

Trip 15: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Paul-PHL-7n-Chalet

Trip 16: TV-Gettysburg-2021-Jenny-PHL-7n-Chalet

Why Does my Trip Page Not Display Correctly? #

Here are some scenarios that may cause a Trip Page to not display properly on the Traveller Interface.

1. Broken Inventory or Segments #

If your Trip record has any Inventories attached that have broken or no segments, this will cause the Trip Page to break in the Traveller Interface. To fix this issue, please make sure that all Inventories attached to the trip record have segments and that all information is correct within those segments. This applies to all Inventories, not just ones with a mandatory status. For more information on Inventory segments, please click here.

2. Trip Status is Incorrect #

If your trip status is Opportunity, or Ready to Convert your trip page will not display to travellers.

All other statuses should show your page, however, if the status is Closed, Cancelled, or Completed travellers will not be able to book.