Optimize your Imagery to Increase Conversion

Optimize your Imagery to Increase Conversion #

3 quick tips to optimize your imagery for Sales

Your images matter! #

Travelers are drawn to beautiful relevant images and are more likely to book a trip when there are photos on the Trip Page. Capitalize on every image you upload by keeping these 3 tips in mind.

1. Edit your images to align with your brand #

Editing your imagery to match your brand and audience will reinforce brand consistency and help your travelers feel the energy of the trip.

Bright, well-lit images bring users in and get them excited to experience that picture in real life!

2. One great picture is better than 3 mediocre ones #

Travelers want to see well edited images that show off what they are buying.

Work with your suppliers to score high quality images. Steer clear of dark or pixelated images. Pay attention to the weather and the background of the photo. Travelers want to see sunshine (or snow!), and not be taken out of the daydream of their perfect trip by garbage or a strange person in the back of the photo. If you don’t have an image of the specific item, a generic image is better than no image at all.

3. Show travelers what they want to be doing! #

For relaxing trips, show serene pools, and images taken at sunset. For adventurous trips, images showing travelers participating in hikes, kayaking, or ziplining will help potential travelers understand the energy of your trips during the booking process. Images with faces, or with actions [research]

Bonus Tips:
  1. Pay attention to the cropping of your images. Make sure you are showcasing your product and cropping out distracting parts of the image (ie: Parking lots, cars, billboards, etc…)

  2. Order your images to tell a story. With the exception of hotel rooms, start with a wide shot or action shot, then add detail shots and ancillary images (ie: Photos of a hotel buffet should not be the first image your client sees, unless it’s the reason they are booking with you)

We love seeing the trips you create on Groupdesk! As always, feel free to ask questions or share comments with us via Chat!