External Payment Processor

External Payment Processor #

Integrations to give you more payment choices for your travelers.

External Payment Processors are optional and may not be right for your business and/or travelers.

How to add an External Payment Processor into your Groupdesk instance: #

  1. Research and choose the External Payment Processor(s) that are right for your business and travelers.

  2. Add the Processor keys into your Groupdesk vault. (Ask your Groupdesk contact about your Vault if you don’t have one set up).

  3. Let your Groupdesk contact know about how you’re hoping to use your payment processor.

  4. Groupdesk will contact you when the connection is active and ready to go!

Notes about External Payment Processors and Groupdesk:
  • External Payment Processors are added into trips via Brand Catalog.

  • External Payment Processors require you to set up an additional account outside of Groupdesk.

  • Groupdesk’s Payment Schedules are built to be flexible, make sure to talk to your Groupdesk contact about your payment schedule needs before pursuing an External Payment Processor option.

How to set up a trip that uses an External Payment Processor #

  1. Ensure you have an External Payment Processor set up

  2. In the NEW Brand Catalog associated to the Trip Record, ensure you have selected the correct External Payment Processor

You need to create a new Brand Catalog just for Trips using an External Payment Processor. If you modify an existing one, then all Trips attached to that Brand Catalog will be updated to include an external payment method, which is not recommended, as this may interfere with existing Payment Schedules.

How an External Payment Processor affects the Traveler experience #

The OBE (Online Booking Engine):

External payment processors do not impact the traveler booking flow until the Payment Page:

Travelers will see the payment methods available to them (see How to set up a trip that uses an External Payment Processor to control which methods are available to your travelers).

My Profile:
In Payment Info > Payment Methods
  • The external payment processor may show as a credit card within the payment methods

  • The traveler has the choice to add an additional payment method outside of the external payment method for any extra purchases

In Payment Info > Make a Payment
  • If an external payment processor was chosen, the traveler will not be able to click Make a Payment and pay within the Groupdesk system, they will be directed to the External Payment Processor to manage their account.

  • If an external payment processor was chosen, text will display to the traveler that says “This trip was paid for using [Name of Payment Processor & Link to External Payment Processor Login Page].