Online Booking Engine OBE

Online Booking Engine (OBE) #

Trip Cart / Checkout

A simple Booking Form allows the traveler to quickly signup for any trip. This form can be filled out quickly on any device, scaling to fit Mobile or Tablet sized screens. Once saved, their profile is recorded as a contact in the trip until a payment has been made or attempted. Once a payment has been made or attempted, a booking record is created.

What does the OBE Look Like? #

The OBE is a configurable part of Groupdesk. This means that every client will have a slightly different version of the OBE to best suit their business and traveler needs.

We recommend making your booking flow as short as possible (the example below is a longer demo version of the OBE than we would recommend).

1. Traveler Infomation
2. Rooming Information
3. Add Ons
4. Insurance Information
5. Payment Information
Enter referral info, name, date of birth, phone, email, password, student number, and emergency contact.

The OBE allows some customization for your traveler interface (per url).

Can I change the OBE to suit my business and traveler needs? #

Yes! The OBE is customized for your needs during your Implementation process.

When is Lead data captured for an incomplete OBE booking? #

When a traveler begins filling out the OBE, the minimum action they need to do to be captured as a lead on the trip is:

  1. Complete the ‘Traveler’ (first OBE) page with no errors

  2. Click Save and Continue to X

If they do not continue to click through the OBE and complete their booking, the steps above will save them as a:

  • Contact Record on the Trip Record

  • With a Lead Source of OBE

  • And a Lead Status of HOT