Images #

Which records use images? #




Airline Catalogs


My Profile

Brand Catalogs

Logo that pulls from the Brand Config.

On every page on the Traveler Interface

Destination Catalogs


Shows on Trip Page & My Profile

Extra (Events & Excursions)


1st image shows as ‘main image’ and the rest are used in an image carousel

Hotel Catalog

Banner & Large

Banners show as Main images on Trip Page and My Profile, Large shows up in image Carousel on My Profile

Insurance Catalog


On OBE and My Profile


User Image

Depending on the type of user this image shows on My Profile (user), Trip Page (Trip Planner), or My Profile trip details (Trip Planner)

If you’re creating a hotel or extra catalog, we recommend adding 3-10 images. These images will create an image carousel in My Profile.

How to add an Image (Document) #

Please follow these steps to add an Image (Document) to a Catalog record in Groupdesk.

  1. Open the record you wish to add the Image to and open the Documents Module

  2. Click Add in the top right corner of the Documents Module

  3. Select an existing document or choose a new file to upload

  4. Select the Document Type – Image

  5. Select Document Status – Active

  6. Select the Document Category – Catalog Image

  7. Select the Brand if applicable (not mandatory)

  8. Select the Image Type – This varies depending on which type of Image is needed (please see Image size conventions examples below for more details)

Example of Adding an Image (Type is Large)

Image Size Conventions #

Below are the image types available in Groupdesk. Use this as a reference when populating content. All images should be optimized for web and named properly before being uploaded.

We recommend gathering, editing, and then uploading your images before creating catalogs to streamline the catalog/trip building process.

Best Practice: Keep document names short and without special characters (Ex ! $ % & * # etc..)

Banner #

File Type: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Dimensions: 1920px x 1080px (full HD, 16:9 aspect ratio)*

Usage: Hotel, Destination

Banner Image Information

Large #

File Type: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Dimensions: 1280px x 720px (16:9 aspect ratio)

Usage: Hotel, Extra (Excursions, Notifications)

Large Image Information

Logo #

File Type: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG –

Dimensions: NA

Usage: Brand, Insurance

Logo Image Information

User Photo #

File Type: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Dimensions: NA

Usage: Trip Planner, or User Uploaded

User Photo Information

Images should be saved/compressed for web so load times are not impacted.

Image types currently not in use are available within Groupdesk but are NOT recognized in the Trip Page, Booking Form or Profile. (ie: If you upload something incorrectly, it won’t appear where you want it)

There is a max file size to images and documents you can upload to Groupdesk.

How many Images should I upload per Catalogue? #

  1. 1 Banner

  2. 1-10 Large

  1. 1 Banner

  2. 1-10 Large

  1. 1 Banner

There is currently no limit to the number of Image Documents you can attach to a Catalog item to be displayed in your Traveler Interface (Hotel & Other Catalogs).

What order do catalog images appear in carousel? #

Catalog images will appear in alphabetical order in their carousel.

ie: Name your image files nicehotel1.jpg, nicehotel2.jpg, nicehotel3.jpg, and ‘nicehotel1.jpg will appear first in the carousel.