Network Solutions

Network Solutions #

Set up your domain with Network Solutions #

  1. Under the Log In to drop-down list, choose Manage My Domain Names.

  2. Enter your credentials and click Login.

  3. Click Continue to Account Manager.

  4. Under My Domain Name, click Edit DNS.

  5. Under the My Products & Services tab, click Change Where Domain Points.

  6. Click the Advanced DNS radio button:

  7. Click Continue

  8. Click Edit CNAME Records:

  9. Under Alias, enter www

  10. Click the Other Host Radio Button

  11. Enter the Record provided to you by Groupdesk, in the Other Host text box.

  12. Click Continue

  13. Click Save Changes

You will now need to to verify Ownership of the URL with Groupdesk. Please speak with your Groupdesk Implementation Specialist. It can take up to 48hrs for changes to take effect.

Network Solutions will add your Root Domain to the CNAME Record. When entering your CNAME Record do not add the Root Domain as this will cause an error.

If you are unable to edit your DNS records from within your domain provider’s admin section, then you must Contact Network Solutions Support.