Voucherify #

How to add Voucherify into your Groupdesk instance: #

  1. Create a Voucherify Account

  2. Add the Voucherify API keys into your Groupdesk vault. (Ask your Groupdesk contact about your Vault if you don’t have one set up)

  3. Groupdesk will contact you when the connection is active and ready to go

Notes about Voucherify and Groupdesk: #

  • Your Voucherify coupons/promotions reference Groupdesk via the “Order Items List SKU” within the validation rules

  • You can use Groupdesk Trip Records or Inventory Records as a part of your validation rules

  • Codes are case sensitive

  • Managing your Voucherify Codes is a business process you will define within your company

At this time, Voucherify codes cannot be used to do: – $0 deposits – Free bookings

How to push a Trip Record or Inventory to Voucherify: #

Groupdesk automatically populates your Trip Records and Inventory Records into your Voucherify account so there is no need to ‘push’ a record.

We recommend: • Using Promo Codes for offering free products or percentage off discounts. • Using Discounts for Organizer Discounts and Early Booking Bonuses • Manipulating individual payment schedules for delaying payments • Using Trip Dollars for ‘store credit’ • Using Refunds for refunding money (ie: not to give the appearance of a discount)

How to create a Voucher in Voucherify #

Here are the general steps, there are many more detail you can go into regarding restrictions.

Log in to your company Voucherify account #

  1. Click on Vouchers

    1. Click the + button to create a voucher

    2. Choose a BULK or STANDALONE voucher (Do not choose Referral or Promotion)

    3. Choose DISCOUNT voucher (Do not choose Gift Voucher)

    4. Define your Discount Type

      1. Amount or Percentage (Do not choose Unit)

    5. Enter the Discount Value

    6. Define Voucher Code (You can add a new category if needed)

    7. Limits for Voucher

      1. Add in date restrictions

      2. Add in redemption limit

      3. Select or Create Validation Rules

      4. If your Coupon is only valid for a specific trip, product/inventory, customer segment, etc… this is where you have to define that.

        1. We recommend defining:

        2. Order items product

        3. Order items by SKU

          1. contains or does not contain (Do not do less or more than options)

        4. Order total amount

        5. Customer Segments

        6. Voucherify CANNOT validate the price of individual items because it does not know the cost of an item on Groupdesk.

    8. Voucher metadata (Used for display text to help your travelers)

      1. Key: Description

      2. Value: (Add in helpful text about the code)

    9. Click Save

How to Link a SKU or Product to your Coupon #

  1. Within your Coupon, clock Validation Rules

  2. Click Create

  3. Choose to add an:

    1. Order items list (by products)

      1. contains or does not contain

      2. Choose product paste in the name of the inventory from Groupdesk OR

    2. Order items list (by SKU)

      1. contains or does not contain

      2. Choose SKU

Currently only BULK CODES and STANDALONE CODES should be used

Do not use “?” or “%” or similar symbols in your Voucher Code.

How to Apply a Promo Code on the Groupdesk Agent Interface: #

  1. Open the Booking Record

  2. Click Edit in the Booking Record overview section

  3. Click Apply Promo Code

  4. In the Promo Codes pop up

    1. Enter the Code into the Code* field

    2. Click Apply

  5. Scroll to the Pricing Module

    1. The Discounts and Fees section should display the coupon code type, description, and amount of the code you just applied

    2. In the Pricing section, Check their total price by hovering over the purple highlighted row, on top of the Total Price to see how all the individual line items and the promo code affected pricing

  6. Once you’ve checked to make sure the promo code has been applied correctly, you’re done!

How Travelers can enter in Voucherify promo / coupon codes: #

When the traveler is going through the OBE, there is a Coupon Code field under the Trip Summary.

Travelers will SOON be able to add Promo Codes in their My Profile.

How to pull Coupon Data using Groupdesk Search #

Coming Soon

*Voucherify Supplied Training and Documentation can be read here.