Profile (Agent Interface)

Profile (Agent Interface) #

To get to the Agent Profile: #

  • Click the hamburger nav in the top right corner

  • Click on Profile

Reset Password #

  1. Open the user record

  2. In the Overview module, click reset password to disable that users password and trigger an password reset email to send

Disable User #

  1. Open the user record

  2. In the Overview module, click disable user


  1. Search for user

  2. Find the user in the search results

  3. Click disable user on right side of search result row

By completing this action, the user will no longer have access to Groupdesk. They will need to set a new password if they gain access in the future.

Clear Browser Preferences #

Browsers store certain data when using a website. If you find that Groupdesk is not loading pages as you expect, you can follow these steps to clear your user preferences as a first step to try to resolve the issue.

  1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right hand side of any page

  2. In the pop up menu that appears on the left, click Profile

  3. Click clear browser preferences found on the right side of the record in the Overview

  4. Refresh your page

This will clear your old browser preferences and refresh your page. It may also sign you out upon the refresh, which would mean that you have to enter you login details again.

If you find that this did not help the issue, please reach out to us following these steps.

Are you looking for How to Hard Refresh Your Computer’s Browser?‚Äč

Add a User Photo #

Open the contact record for the user.

  • Under Documents:

    • Upload Image

    • Type: Image

    • Status: Active

    • Category: Catalog Image

    • Brand: Not recommended to enter but could assign to brand that this staff will be selling

    • Image Type: User Photo