Trip Switch

Trip Switch (Change Price) #

Update mass travel details and change the associated pricing

Trip Switch allows you to update segment details AND update the pricing that exists on booking records. Swap is a similar process, but does NOT update the pricing on booking records.

How to do an Individual Trip Switch #

Switch a single booking to a new trip

(ie: Mary wants to go on the ‘Cruise to Bermuda’ instead of ‘Cruise to Fiji’)

  1. Open the booking record of the person you are switching

  2. On the Overview module, click edit

  3. With the Edit Booking pop up open, change the Trip * field to the new trip record

  4. Click Update and refresh your page

Edit Booking Window – Before Trip Switch (travelling on Colleen Test Trip)
Edit Booking Window – After Trip Switch (now travelling on Spring Break)


If your booking has purchased optional insurance, you will have to update that manually for them.

Trip Switch Video

How to do a Bulk Trip Switch #

A Bulk Trip Switch will allow you to switch multiple booking records to a new trip at once.

(Ie. Jessica and her 3 roommates all signed up for a Land only trip but now want to switch to a trip with flights included)

  1. Search for the booking records that you want to switch in the Search bar

  2. Select the booking records you want to update and an Edit button will appear under the search bar

  3. With the Edit window open, select the box beside the Trip* field

  4. Then change it to the new trip

  5. Details from the new trip will populate below, and you must select all the mandatory inventories, segments and units from the new trip in order to apply them to the booking records. (For the Hotel Inventory, only select which occupancy the travelers are in, not all occupancies offered.)

  6. Click Mass Update and refer to your Bulk Jobs to ensure the Trip Switch was successful

Edit Window Open
Edit Window – Selected new trip details