Upcoming Features

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Upcoming Features #

A high level shortlist of some of our roadmap features. This is subject to change as we are an agile and constantly evolving team.




Complex Merchandise Add Ons

Items with sizing

Mid 2019

Add ons able to be purchased during Booking

Sell higher margin by offering add-ons at every point of sale, including during the booking flow.

Mid 2019

Improved Rooming

Phased release through 2019

True Multi-Accomodation

Show your clients the real value of your trip with multi-hotel enabled trip pages and an improved itinerary view.

Phased release through 2019

Non-Mandatory Insurance & Accommodations

Increased flexibility in trip packages where you can now sell without mandatory insurance or accommodations.


Rolling Inventory Management Tools

Phased release through 2019 and 2020